Exploring the White Desert - South Africa to Antarctica - Travel Experience

Exploring the White Desert

Experience the incredible White Desert – the only company in the world to fly into the interior of Antarctica in a private jet. A carbon neutral experience that is as luxurious as it is adventurous.


  • Experience two continents - Africa and Antarctica - in one day.
  • Fly by private plane

South Africa, Antarctica

Private Plane Adventure

Experience Overview

After arriving in Cape Town and enjoying a few days of complete relaxation at Ellerman House, you will be primed and ready to take on the ‘Greatest Day’ – a 24hr round trip to Antarctica. Your Antarctic Adventure is set to depart in the African night on a private gulfstream jet for a quick 5.5hr flight. Travel over thousands of icebergs as you enter 24hrs of continuous sunshine.

Sample Itinerary

DAYDay 1
Day Day 1


Landing at the specially prepared ice runway, you will then be transferred by 4x4s to the magnificent Schirmacher Oasis. A land of cliffs, lakes and science bases – all of which will be explored throughout the day.

With an aim to spend 8hrs on the ground, you can partake in a host of activities ranging from completely gentle to as adrenaline-fueled as you wish. Expert guides are on hand to escort you every step of the way.

The day culminates with a gourmet Champagne dinner, in celebration of the spectacular setting that is the Antarctic.

Landing back in Cape Town 24hrs later, nestle yourself into the crisp white sheets of your Ellerman House bed. Pinch yourself – it’s not a dream, you just experienced the greatest day.

DAY Day 1


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